Chats with GOD in Underwear

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by Eduardo Chapunoff
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Genius! A fascinating and humorous story, full of surprises and teachings. Highly recommended!
Dr. Frank Alonso

Very nicely done, quite delightful! This is great for those who love Christian fiction and like to think what if and how God sees man. The author has a great ability to get across ideas and make the reader feel that he is involved with the characters.
Gina Kristie

I enjoy this book because it is, in fact, very unique, entertaining and positive. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a creative story. A great book!

Humorous, well put together! Thought-provoking dialogue. A religious, occultist, fictional story. I recommend this book to anyone who would like to explore a light-hearted way of looking at life’s harder questions, such as evil and suffering.

Humorous and important! This is a valiant effort in trying to start a conversation that can often be difficult to approach. I highly recommend this book for people who might be struggling with questions in life. It could prove helpful.

Witty and helpful! The author did a great job in showing how important religion is in all of our lives. He even did a good enough job to explain it to God.
Kristen Debler

Thoughtful, provoking! I believe that the questions asked are questions that most of us could have and God as well. A great read.

This is an extraordinary story. The way it is written would make you think for sure that it is written by someone who has got enlightened or at least is in the process of achieving it. The author has tried to answer some of the myths not from his perspective but from the perspective of God. I would highly recommend this book to both, believers and atheists.
Abhimanyu Shaw

The characters portrayed in this brilliant novel ask questions which never had logical and rational answers till date.
Anahita Irani

I had one hell of a time reading this book as I could not put it away due to its compelling nature.
Deepika Garg

Serious but humorous discussion. A thoughtful approach to a polarizing topic. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.

I could not believe that a novel could be so effective and imbibe all these divinely contents packed in it. The message that was put forth is so effective that I necessitates a compulsory read. It is applicable to all religions.
If you are a seeker of knowledge and a believer of Karma, this book shouldn’t be missed for sure. Author has proved his mettle and his deep understanding of the subject by penning down this novel in such an effective way that I am still unable to believe that I read this. I am sure that if the author was raised in India, he would have become a great Yogi by now.
Dev Roy

This book comes as a blessing in disguise. What makes it interesting is combining the essence of fiction and divine. It’s not biased nor tries to influence you in any way, and after reading it, you’ll believe that you have achieved some clarity on various aspects that may have been nagging your mind for a while.
Gurwinder Songh Khalon

I was really shocked when I saw this title, “Chats with God in Underwear” because I felt it is a bit cheeky. Once I started reading this exemplary book, I came to the conclusion that the title is very much deserved. The pointers were put forth effectively, so the reader wouldn’t find an excuse to refuse them. It is high time that you pick up a copy to understand what makes it so special.
Krunal Parikh

Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff has done a stupendous job by coming out with this book. It cleared lots of doubts I had related to my own religion and beliefs. I am sure that if it did clear those doubts for me, it would do the same thing for others as well. I am looking forward to more such books from the author in the coming days.
R. Brunth

Wonderful! The author has an exemplary quality wherein he has spoken about a delicate matter without hurting the religious sentiments of the people. This needs to be applauded. The conversations between God and the people from various beliefs are certainly not to be missed.
Nikhill (Mohit Chopra)

Getting to read this book is like a boon. We don’t usually get to see a book like this. This story would transform me into a different person altogether. There is no denial that the content is much more superior than an actual novel. When you come across such a marvel, you would invariably fall in love with it.
Saikat Gon

Very effective and gripping novel. This is a brilliant work of the author. It’s an unique concept that wants to understand humanity, religion, and their value in each one’s life. Amazing work, full of humor. Go for it!
Kevin Mallik

Best book of the year! This is the best book I have read in years. It has great flow and energy. It was a pleasure to read. Some truly ground-breaking into insight religion and humanity. I would highly recommend this fascinating piece of literature.
Dr. Priyaranjan Mohan

Loved this book! It takes a lighthearted stab at many ethical, moral, and philosophical conundrums while giving a positive outlook on life. It is a very interesting read sprinkled with humor. I definitely recommend it!

“Chats with God in Underwear” is an attention grabbing book that enables the reader to ponder religion, humanity, and basic life situations. The suspense in some scenarios was thrilling. I love the way Eduardo Chapunoff created different characters.

Spiritual and fun! After finishing this book you will feel like a new person and you’ll have a new perspective on life as well as the big man upstairs.

Fun, engaging, intriguing book! I enjoyed it a lot!

“Chats with God in Underwear” is a great book to read to open your mind to a new perspective on religion.
Karen A.

Fascinating and easy read! Very interesting book. Brilliantly written by the author.

Awesome experience! The book is subtle. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Pick it up. It may answer your questions.
Senthil Ray Babu

Compulsory read! Do not miss! Reading a book like this is one of my dreams and it came true finally. To me, this book is more or less an ENLIGHTMENT!
Sarath Babu

This novel has a pure philosophical brightness and spiritually was designed with witty humor. I also liked this book for the honesty of its topics.
Bond Z Back

THE LITERARY TITAN to Eduardo Chapunoff
We are proud to present you our Literary Titan Book Award. Your book deserves extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and writing talent.
Thank you for letting us read your fantastic book.

Thomas Anderson
Editor-in-Chief LITERARY TITAN

This book describes a humorous, interesting, educational and reflexive story, the role of different religions and the millennial postulations that attempted to understand the participation of God in human affairs.
First and foremost, the book is didactic material for any reader interested in learning the fundamental principles of various religions, their origin, most influential principles and conceptual differences. It describes conflicts suffered by human beings and the positive influence OF God to assist in their resolution, and also invites the readers to review the most complex questions posed by religion.
Thomas Anderson
Literary Titan

“Life Without Humor is a Pathetic Experience”

Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff Author Interview

Charlas Con Dios En Calzoncillos (Chats with God in Underwear) contains discussions with religious representatives of different faiths. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Most people are seriously and justifiably concerned about their thoughts on God and religion. Fears prevail and limit humans’ ability and disposition to express their feelings on the subject.
Asking questions to representatives of different creeds exposed some crucial differences among them. However, I tried to convey the message that mutual understanding can be achieved EVEN when individuals have opposite points of view.
My motivation in writing this book was based on a life-long struggle to deal with this issue and showing how important it is to express your ideas to GOD, even when you don’t know (as it happens in the book), He’s speaking to you.

This book contains some fictional stories to get a larger point across. What were some themes you wanted to capture in these stories?

Life without humor is a pathetic experience. Those who believe in God and his extraordinary goodness will notice his great sense of humor and of course, his capacity to do miracles.
Another very important point I made in the book is the suggestion that God is not directly responsible for human beings cruelty, and that He is extremely frustrated about humans’ highly dysfunctional behavior. That becomes even more pronounced when He recognizes that He’s unable to correct it. God’s attitude is humble and compassionate and he admits that the creation process of the world and human beings, regrettably, and to his deep regret, suffered from “infrastructure failures”.

I like the title of his book. Where did the inspiration for the title come from?

Perhaps, subconsciously I felt that those who believe in God would like to have chats with Him in a very personal and intimate way. Talking to God in underwear would be one way of doing that.

What do you hope readers take away from your book?

Believing in God is far better than not believing in God. Appreciate God’s incredibly smart and beautiful he created for our world but also understand his limitations, as mentioned in the book by Rabbi Isaac. Also, make an effort to tolerate the doubts of the agnostic, Dr. Terrin, and don’t hate him for his ideas.
Nobody’s is perfect and God appears to be the first one to recognize that. Don’t feel guilty for your doubts. God will be grateful to you for your candor, sincerity, and understanding. And remember that He’ll never be able to avoid tragedies in your life, but will give you the strenght and capacity to fight adversity.

“CHATS WITH GOD IN UNDERWEAR: Another remarkable book by Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff”

The eminent cardiologist Eduardo Chapunoff, Chief of Cardiology, Doctor’s Medical Center, Miami, was born in Argentina but had a long trajectory in the United States, gratifies us with another book (and he wrote 14 already). He expresses his ideas in a natural way and offers knowledge through the narrative of his themes. “Chats with God in Underwear” is a book that should be at the bedside table of those who believe that literature means much more than mere entertainment.
Emilio Yahni
Director, Miami Newspaper AMERICA HOY