Chats with GOD in Underwear

“Genius!” *****
A fascinating and humorous story full of surprises and teachings. This book will make you laugh and think from its beginning to the end.
Highly recommended!
Dr. Frank Alonso

Chats with God in Underwear by Eduardo Chapunoff is actually quite delightful. I was pleasantly surprised with the story and I wasn’t expecting such a neat story. This is great for those who love Christian fiction and like to think what if and how God sees man.
I highly recommend this book for casual reading or gift giving. Very nicely done. The story is thought-provoking, engaging and friendly. The author structured the book nicely and framed it with believable characters. He has a great ability to get across ideas and make the reader feel that he is involved with the characters.
I really enjoyed this story. Five stars.
Gina Kristie

I believe that this book has had a true impact on me while reading. It really made me think…what if god is one of us? Is he walking around just like everyone else? I really enjoyed the concept. This is a pretty easy book to connect with despite its religious depiction. I truly think this book is one of the few religious stories that delve into gods character…god actually answers questions instead of being mysterious and cryptic. I like how the author conveyed God and the characters that surrounded him. God seemed to be more down to earth than I expected and it was deeply refreshing to think about. One thing i would change in this book is its layout of dialogue which was quite long but it was detailed which made it more interesting. I usually find myself bored with religious books because it seems that they all convey the same messages and there are not many unique concepts surrounding this topic. Although my general uninterested view of this topic I found myself actually enjoying this book because it is in fact very unique and entertaining. I enjoyed how light and airy it was at times and how positive it seemed. This story was a very quick read for me and did not drag on at all. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and anyone who enjoys a creative story that makes you think. Overall a great book that depicts God in such a way that he seems humanly relatable.

Chats with God in Underwear, by Eduardo Chapunoff, is a humorous and thoughtful approach to a polarizing topic. I was left with the great feeling that everyone has some kind of faith, some trust there’s a God.
The author is opening the door to conversations without arguments, without violence, to adjust your perspective that we all have the same core values across the religious spectrum.
This is an easy read with serious issues, tempered by human. Can you imagine talking to God while He is wearing colorful underwear? Can you imagine Him dancing a tango?
I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.

Chats with God in Underwear is a sort of religious, occultist, fictional story about God taking human form to go amongst people to see how humanity views religion.
Suspension or disbelief is certainly required for this book but it makes a good pleasure read if one is able to do so. The book may provide helpful ways for people to engage in religion’s discussions, face to face, not in a heated or accusatory tone.
I think there is a lot of homage to the Gospel.
I recommend this book to anyone who would like to explore a light hearted way of looking at life’s harder questions, such as evil and suffering. It’s a pleasant, short read.

What an interesting topic for a book! Eduardo Chapunoff manages to take a subject that can be deep and pretty controversial and tries to make it accessible with a dash of humor.
…I think this is a valiant effort in trying to start a conversation that can often be difficult to approach.
I recommend this book highly for people who might be struggling with questions in life. It could prove helpful.

I recommend this story to anyone who is interested in learning about different faiths and what religion means to them. The book gives a good overview of religion with a witty attitude. I think that is what draws readers in. The author did a great job in showing how important religion is in all of our lives. He even did a good enough job to explain it to God.
Kristen Debler

I found this book to be an easy thought-provoking and somewhat humorous read in the topic of religion. I believe that the questions asked are questions that most of us could have and God as well. A great read.

I enjoyed reading this book because most of the time it is just dialogues, which make it easy to read, specially for me who read serious stuff all the time at work. Naturally, I’d be more gravitated toward something lighthearted yet grounded in some serious topics like this one.
You’ll surely learn a lot about different religions and start questioning whether they are after all the same by the core.
Very enlightening indeed.
Weij _ IA

Chats with God in Underwear by Eduardo Chapunoff is a whimsical approach to a controversial topic. The book poses many spiritual questions and answers that many of us are searching for. Although we can only imagine what God’s answers will be, the book’s answers seem to be on point.
This work brings to light many of the universe mysteries and deeply religious and spiritual inquiries in an easy-going read.
This whimsical book is highly recommended for those who look for a light and funny religious read.

THE LITERARY TITAN to Eduardo Chapunoff
We are proud to present you our Literary Titan Book Award. Your book deserves extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and writing talent.
Thank you for letting us read your fantastic book.

Thomas Anderson
Editor-in-Chief LITERARY TITAN

This book describes a humorous, interesting, educational and reflexive story, the role of different religions and the millennial postulations that attempted to understand the participation of God in human affairs.
First and foremost, the book is didactic material for any reader interested in learning the fundamental principles of various religions, their origin, most influential principles and conceptual differences. It describes conflicts suffered by human beings and the positive influence OF God to assist in their resolution, and also invites the readers to review the most complex questions posed by religion.
Thomas Anderson
Literary Titan

“Life Without Humor is a Pathetic Experience”

Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff Author Interview

Charlas Con Dios En Calzoncillos (Chats with God in Underwear) contains discussions with religious representatives of different faiths. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Most people are seriously and justifiably concerned about their thoughts on God and religion. Fears prevail and limit humans’ ability and disposition to express their feelings on the subject.
Asking questions to representatives of different creeds exposed some crucial differences among them. However, I tried to convey the message that mutual understanding can be achieved EVEN when individuals have opposite points of view.
My motivation in writing this book was based on a life-long struggle to deal with this issue and showing how important it is to express your ideas to GOD, even when you don’t know (as it happens in the book), He’s speaking to you.

This book contains some fictional stories to get a larger point across. What were some themes you wanted to capture in these stories?

Life without humor is a pathetic experience. Those who believe in God and his extraordinary goodness will notice his great sense of humor and of course, his capacity to do miracles.
Another very important point I made in the book is the suggestion that God is not directly responsible for human beings cruelty, and that He is extremely frustrated about humans’ highly dysfunctional behavior. That becomes even more pronounced when He recognizes that He’s unable to correct it. God’s attitude is humble and compassionate and he admits that the creation process of the world and human beings, regrettably, and to his deep regret, suffered from “infrastructure failures”.

I like the title of his book. Where did the inspiration for the title come from?

Perhaps, subconsciously I felt that those who believe in God would like to have chats with Him in a very personal and intimate way. Talking to God in underwear would be one way of doing that.

What do you hope readers take away from your book?

Believing in God is far better than not believing in God. Appreciate God’s incredibly smart and beautiful he created for our world but also understand his limitations, as mentioned in the book by Rabbi Isaac. Also, make an effort to tolerate the doubts of the agnostic, Dr. Terrin, and don’t hate him for his ideas.
Nobody’s is perfect and God appears to be the first one to recognize that. Don’t feel guilty for your doubts. God will be grateful to you for your candor, sincerity, and understanding. And remember that He’ll never be able to avoid tragedies in your life, but will give you the strenght and capacity to fight adversity.

“CHATS WITH GOD IN UNDERWEAR: Another remarkable book by Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff”

The eminent cardiologist Eduardo Chapunoff, Chief of Cardiology, Doctor’s Medical Center, Miami, was born in Argentina but had a long trajectory in the United States, gratifies us with another book (and he wrote 14 already). He expresses his ideas in a natural way and offers knowledge through the narrative of his themes. “Chats with God in Underwear” is a book that should be at the bedside table of those who believe that literature means much more than mere entertainment.
Emilio Yahni
Director, Miami Newspaper AMERICA HOY