Book Reviews


 A Guide for Prevention of 201 Causes   of Sudden or Rapid Death

“I enjoy the author’s style of writing. It’s a combination of wit, wisdom, intelligence, and humor. He compiled all the incredible information into one intriguing, life-saving, and indispensable book. This book carries my highest recommendation.”
Betty Corvin-Tucker, Pennsylvania.

“Dr. Chapunoff is the answer to a call for a physician with a heart and a smile”
Sky Sanchez – Sacramento Book Review

“I highly recommend How Not to Drop Dead! as a well researched and informative read. It is a very positive book that imparts immense knowledge with frankness and clarity.”
Tracy Roberts, Canada


Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind

“Dr.Paul shows remarkable knowledge while Dr. Chapunoff shows wonderful insight and sensitivity, This superb book is insightful, informative, in-depth, yet easy and fascinating to read. It has important information for everyone.”
Myron Gessner, MD
Associate Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

“Listen in on wide ranging conversations between two eminent healers about the mysteries of the mind. You will find understandable, humane and evidence-based avenues to self-worth and mental health”.
Carol Goodheart, EdD
2010 President of the American Psychological Association.


Answering You Questions About HEART DISEASE AND SEX
“Dr. Chapunoff offers the balm of simple clarity, compassion, and rock-solid guidance. There’s a reason why Dr. Chapunoff is held in such high regard…his skill, his writing and his guidance are totally approachable, gentle and wise!”
Bernie Ahearn
Radio Talk Host of “A Man’s World”,
Detroit Michigan

“Dr. Chapunoff is a master of knowing how to pull in his readers…”
Norman Goldman
Editor and Publisher of Books for Pleasure, Montreal, Canada

“,,,Professionals can also derive benefit from Dr.Chapunoff’s vast experience and profound wisdom. It makes me feel with all my heart that Dr.Chapunoff was my personal physician.”
Arnold A.Lazarus, PhD
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Rutgers University

” I have not seen a more inspiring and integrative work on the connections between health, intimacy and happiness. This book is a true celebration of the human heart and spirit.”
Scott E. Borrelli, EdD
Clinical Psychologist Collegiate Professor.
Director Counseling Services.
The American Intercontinental University of London


Will you allow it to kill you?

“Words of wisdom and honesty from Dr. Chapunoff, reveal and sanguinity of his latest contribution to both the medical world and patients in his book Morbid Obesity. He is the practitioner that any patient wold pray to be assigned to.”
San Francisco Book Review

“Morbid Obesity is a fantastic book for anyone considering weight loss treatment. Dr.Chapunoff does a wonderful job of breaking down the layers of this difficult illness and guides the reader through what can be expected before, during and after treatment. I highly recommend it!”
Melissa Brown
Independent Professional Book Reviewers

“This book gives the lay person a comprehensive, well written and good nature explanation of all aspects of morbid obesity and the choices available to people with this killer disease. I highly recommend it to people seeking to learn the truth about controversial bariatric surgery.”
Lilly Muñiz